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ChemDiv Inc. (ChemDiv) is a global chemistry-driven contract research organization focused on scientific innovation to deliver services that meet the drug discovery needs of its partners. Terms of Use for Chemical Diversity publicly available Discovery Collection database The Discovery Collection of Chemical Diversity compounds available at ChemSpider represents only a portion of Chemical Diversity’s non-exclusive collection of diverse drug-like small molecules, and does not include any focused libraries, targeted libraries, or compounds excluded by a subset of ChemDiv’s proprietary medicinal chemistry filters. The applied medicinal chemistry filters exclude compounds with non-desirable reactive groups and other potentially undesirable features. The total Chemical Diversity collection comprises over one million compounds and can be accessed through ChemDiv, Inc. web site under specialized confidentiality terms that are separate from and in addition to the terms governing the use of the Discovery Collection available through ChemSpider. In addition to, and except for the uses specifically permitted under the terms of use stated by ChemSpider, ChemDiv, Inc. specifically prohibits the use of Discovery Collection data and structures for any purposes of comparison, publication in any form, or import or compilation or consolidation with other compound structures and data into other databases, lists, tables, catalogs, or similar purposes. ChemDiv reserves and retains all explicit and implied rights to the Discovery Collection and to individual compounds comprising the Discovery Collection.

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