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Enamine Ltd is a contract research organization operating worldwide in the field of medicinal chemistry, fine organic synthesis and related discovery services. Enamine supplies a wide range of products for drug discovery from the world’s largest commercial collection of compounds for high-throughput screening and the largest catalog of fine chemicals for organic synthesis (Building Blocks). The company provides fully integrated solutions for early drug development: custom synthesis, lead generation and optimization programs.

Enamine supplies following products from in-house stock:

- Screening compounds Collection (over 1,700,000 items) is a valuable source of exclusive drug-like compounds;

- original low molecular weight Building Blocks (over 48,000 items).

Offered compounds were produced at Enamine's own facilities assuring high quality and ability to re-synthesize and re-supply compounds as needed. Compounds undergo total quality control by LC/MS or GC/MS and NMR, to ensure at least 90% purity of our screening compounds and 95% purity for building blocks. Various formatting requirements can be met, including dry films preparation. Ordered compounds are delivered within 7-10 days.

Enamine also offers synthesis of compounds for HTS on demand from immediately accessible, thoroughly validated chemical space (REAL DataBase) of over 16,000,000 structures and warrants the timely delivery of at least 70% of selection made from this database. These compounds are produced by application of original synthetic techniques developed by Enamine at the rate of 20,000 items per month. We welcome cherry-picking, custom tailored selections can be prepared by our Cheminformatics team upon request.

Enamine has earned a reputation as a leading provider of a number of chemistry services, including custom synthesis and lead optimization services. Keeping close ties with academic research centers, Enamine has expertise in a variety of contemporary organic chemistry fields, such as asymmetric synthesis, synthesis of structurally rigid and caged amino acid derivatives, synthesis of fluorescent dyes, peptidomimetics and fluorinated heterocycles. We also support other projects aimed at the development of fundamental research in organic chemistry. Enamine scientific expertise is supported by articles published in respected international journals.

At Enamine, we are committed to providing life science industries with a full spectrum of hit-to-lead discovery services. Our competitive pricing policy, top-level customer support and highest quality standards make Enamine an ideal partner for your outsourcing needs.


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